The Churches at Freestone have always played a major role in the lives of the residents. The first Church built at Freestone was the Freestone Methodist Church, followed by the Church of England and then by the Roman Catholic Church. Their histories are as follows.


Towards the end of 1865, a small Church some twenty five feet by fifteen feet (without a porch), at a cost of 50 pounds, was built at Freestone Creek on land presented to the Church by Messrs James and Charles G Wilson. The position of this building was on a property now owned by Messrs Jim and Arthur Christensen and adjacent to the main Freestone Road. Later the Church was moved from its original site to another piece of ground owned by the original donors.

At this stage the Church was enlarged to its present size of thirty-three feet by twenty-one feet and the porch added. The cost was now recorded at 75 pounds instead of the original 50 pounds.

The Parish continued to grow and many Church activities were conducted included Sunday School, Rays, etc. In 1977 the Methodist Church in Australia united with the Presbyterian and Congregational Churches to form the Uniting Church of Australia.

Regular services are still held in the tiny Church on the first and third Sundays of each month.

The first Minister of the Parish was Rev Jabez B Walkin. Clergy visiting the Freestone over the years have used many forms of transport to reach their flock including horse, motorbike with side car and finally car.

Several marriages have been conducted in the little Church, with the last one being when Robyn Palmer married Owen Lennie in 1979. This was 48 years after the previous marriage of Dolly Christensen and Harry Lawson.


On June 5th 1883, the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge based in London, made a grant of 20 pounds towards the cost of constructing a wooden Church at Freestone Creek, the total cost of this Church was 175 pounds. The land was donated by the Palmer family. Services prior to the building of St Lukes were held at the home of Mr Shelley.

The earliest "Record of Services" book compiled for St Lukes Church begins on the 10th November 1901, when fortnightly services of Mattins or Evensong were held, Holy Communion being celebrated once a quarter. Regular fortnightly services are still held at Freestone.

The following photo was taken on the dedication day 1905.

The bible in the church bears the following inscription.

"Presented by Mrs John Shelley on dedication day, 4th October 1905".

It is thought that the dedication day mentioned was for the additions to St Lukes including the new altar.

Many marriages have also been held in this tiny Church, with the last one being in September of 1986, when Linda Briggs married Glenn Stewart. A golden wedding was celebrated with a special service on July 3rd 1987 when Arthur and Lil Tucker returned to the Church they had been married in 50 years earlier.


St Lawrence O’Toole Roman Catholic church was situated some 12 miles from Warwick beside Freestone Creek on land purchased from Glengallan Shire Council for a cost of approximately 8 pounds. The Church was built in 1903.

Before the construction of the Church, Mass was held in the homes of Mrs J Ryan at Upper Freestone and also in the homes of Mr E Nolan and Mrs J Nolan at Lower Freestone. A collection was taken up in 1911 to repair and paint the building.

The last Mass at the Church was held on 25th September 1983, at 8am. Dwindling numbers in the congregation forced the closure of the Church. Years ago, about 200 people had attended Mass here, but the numbers had dwindled to about 25.

There was only one marriage celebrated at St Lawrence O’Toole Church - that of Julia Lysaght and Patrick Canavan on 16th February 1931.