Cox family house at Upper Freestone 1910 (approx)





Payne’s home Upper Freestone pre 1900





Various farm implements ........






Farming memories......


The ‘old’ gives way to the ‘new’








Tractor owned by Henry and Bill Drysdale in ‘the bog’






One of the biggest logs to come out of "Hell Hole" at Upper Freestone. Darcy Cox is seen loading it onto Cox’s truck.





Draught horses in action.









Does this little pig think he’s a calf?






Record crop grown on Arthur Shelley’s property





Draught horses in action.




Early tractor and implements




The whole family pitches in to help




Centenary machinery display












Do you remember going to those concerts?




Mrs Cox and family change the tyre on ‘Tin Lizzie".




A good day’s shooting with Eric Gross and friends.






Dean Mauch.






Sunday School picnic, Bald Hill, 1908 (approx)




Lloyd Palmer, Oliver Lloyd






Ladies in action in the corn fields