The Freestone branch of the Queensland Country Womens Association was formed on the 31st July 1946, with 36 foundation members as listed below.

Mrs J Ryan Mrs A Christensen

Miss J Palmer Mrs M Shelley

Mrs P Shelley Mrs J Nolan

Mrs J Cox Mrs G Miller

Mrs F Watt Mrs J Ramsey

Mrs W P Shelley Miss C Ramsey

Mrs J H Ryan Mrs T Phelan

Mrs J Christensen Mrs J Lysaght

Mrs E Phelan Miss Lottie Palmer

Miss M Phelan Mrs J Biltoft

Mrs T M Ryan Miss F McKechnie

Mrs W Cox Mrs J P Canavan

Mrs H Francis Mrs A Madsen

Mrs L Shelley Mrs J I Shelley

Mrs C Hildred Mrs D Ramsey

Mrs H Drysdale Miss M Ramsey

Mrs M Angland Mrs T Smith

Miss S Angland Mrs V R Williamson

The first office bearers for the Freestone QCWA branch were :

President - Mrs E Phelan

Secretary - Mrs H L Francis

Treasurer - Mrs M Angland

During the first year the branch conducted bring and buy afternoons, and a song ball. With the proceeds, they were able to make donations to various appeals. The QCWA has continued, over the years to conduct many social events such as dances, balls, fancy dress balls, Mothers/Fathers day parties, as well as catering for sales and for the sports in Peters’ paddock, run handicraft classes, card parties when as many as 90 players participated, street stalls, Christmas Parties for several hundred children, and demonstrations ranging from how to get the best use from the deep freeze to tupperware.

The Freestone branch of the QCWA is proud of its contribution towards the improvement and upkeep of the Freestone Memorial Hall, and has always been ready to assist stricken families.

The current executive (in 1988) of the Freestone QCWA was as follows:


President - Mrs M Shelley

Secretary - Mrs J Booth

Treasurer - Mrs N Noble

The latest function organised by the QCWA at Freestone was their Bicentennial Dance held on April 16, 1988. Denny’s band provided the music and an enjoyable night was had by all. Many people dressed for the occasion in period costume. The evening was finished off with one of the Freestone QCWA’s famous suppers, the CWA members once again living up to their reputation of being very good cooks.

The country of study for the CWA during 1988 was Australia. Following the pattern of other years, the children of the schools are doing projects on the country of study and prizes will be awarded to the best of these during the International Day held in June.

The Freestone branch is always on the lookout for new members and any interested persons should contact a member of the executive.

(Cover of Freestone QCWA’s Jubilee book)

The following are a couple of CWA memories which appeared in the Freestone Branch Ruby Jubilee Booklet produced in 1986.

A day of catering for the sports in Peter’s paddock - all areas would share the arrangements. One lady had promised to bring the coppers. All was set up - still no coppers. One good husband managed to find one to set up. Just then, the lady in question walked past - "What happened to the coppers?" called the President.

"Oh - I am sorry, I forgot," and with that dropped a couple of dozen pennies on the table.

Our branch "choir" presented a bracket of songs at one unforgettable Christmas Concert, accompanied on piano by Mel Kadow. Lots of whistles from our "fans".

One President looked down one day and saw all the cars at the hall and wondered what was going on - then realised that it was CWA day and she was the President.