Freestone lies in the local Government area of Glengallan Shire Council, and the electors of Freestone vote for the members of either division two or four. The border of the two divisions roughly follows the Freestone Creek and Campbell’s Gully, with the areas to the south of this line being in division two, while the areas to the north being in division four.

From the records available to us, we were able to find out that two Freestone residents held the positions of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of Glengallan Shire Council. The Deputy Chairman was Mr W L Palmer, who held the office from 1957 - 1964. Council records show Mr Palmer was elected to Council as a member for division 4 in April 1939, and remained in Council until May 1964.

Shire Chairman, Mr A Cox, held the office in 1917, and records show he remained in Council until 1930, being Chairman for part of this time. Mr Cox passed away shortly after his retirement from Council.

The following is a list of the councillors who have represented the two divisions over the years, and was supplied by Glengallan Shire Council. The early records were destroyed by fire.


F K Roche March 1982 elected

W M McMahon May 1985 elected

B W Eastwell May 1982 elected

A F Payne April 1976 to March 1985

L A Willett April 1972 to March 1982

V M Roche January 1958 to March 1982

W Eastwell May 1964 to March 1979

L W Kadow May 1964 to April 1976

D C Conway May 1955 to May 1964

W L Palmer April 1939 to May 1964

J N Bourke ---- elected and passed away 3/1/58

H A Smith ----- to May 1955

A Cox ----- to February 1930

A N Allen ----- to 1949


P C Mikkelsen April 1976 elected

A W Warrener February 1978 elected

N P McConville June 1978 to March 1988

M J Wallace March 1988 elected

D J Booth October 1972 and resigned February 1978

A L Mapes March 1963 and passed away June 1978

A E Warrener October 1966 to March 1976

A C Mauch May 1961 to April 1970

N V Stuart April 1970 and resigned September 1972

C C J Anstey December 1964 and resigned October 1966

E Hall July 1962 and resigned December 1964

D Craig May 1961 and resigned June 1962

M E H Free August 1952 and resigned February 1963

Hon O O Madsen MLA Early 1943 and resigned September 1957

H E Carey September 1957 to April 1961 - he also appears in the

records around 1941.

P M McMahon 1917 and 1919 to April 1924.

Shire Chairman - Albert Cox