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The software solution for Internet voice conferencing

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Digital Space TalkSpace Voice Server™ handles all the voice conferencing needs of an entire business over a regular Internet connection. With Digital Space TalkSpace Voice Server, meetings in real-time, always-on voice can take place between two or more people without ever having to use a telephone again. Full-duplex, multi-point voice conferences of up to 30 participants can be put together instantly with the click of a mouse on any Windows PC with Internet Explorer, a microphone and 28.8K Internet connection.

There’s no need to pay for prearranged teleconferencing services, buy special telephone equipment, or hire a receptionist just to operate the system. Voice meetings can take place simply and spontaneously, allowing for more frequent, less restricted communication among teams, work groups or the board. DigitalSpace Voice Server eliminates long-distance, international tolls and other telecom costs, while boosting return on existing hardware and network investments by substantially improving intercommunication throughout the global enterprise.

A lightweight ActiveX client is automatically downloaded and can be presented as-is on a Web page or scripted into a custom HTML interface. Up to 75 simultaneous users can be hosted on a typical T1 connection. With more bandwidth, up to 500 users can be hosted on a single server, and multiple servers can be clustered together for infinite scalability. DigitalSpace Voice Server™ runs on standard Windows NT or Windows 2000 server hardware.

If you would like to talk with someone from VoiCom send us an e-mail or phone us and we can arrange for you to try TalkSpace. Or click on here and it will send you to the page for you and a colleague to try out. Send the link to someone else so the two of you can trial it. You must have Active X activated and you must have a microphone to talk into. It would also benefit you to have a HeadSet rather than external speakers as you will hear yourself talk through the other persons speakers. And that can be very distracting.


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